The Rays have now committed errors in eight consecutive games (one more than in May of 2012), thanks to an errant pickoff attempt by Alex Cobb. The error proved costly, costing the Rays a run with no outs in the third.

For those of you pining for the acerbity of the Rays and Red Sox games of yore, the acrimonious linkage returned to The Trop Saturday night, in what would go down as one of the more truly bizarre games in recent history. A power outage to start the game, five hit batsmen, and a TKO of Dustin Pedroia later, the Tampa Bay Rays walked away with a combined 7-0, one hit shutout of the Boston Red Sox.

As a storm raged outside of Tropicana Field, a reported lightning strike caused a power surge that resulted in the dimming of some of the stadium lights. After a 12 minute delay, the fireworks began inside.

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Another day, another throwing error by Escobar. In case you’re wondering, that’s three in two days — his second on a botched double play. Three of the opposing runs over the last two days can be directly contributed to two of those errors. #Fuuuuuuck
Two errors in the first inning alone. The Rays have erred in six consecutive games; they’re now just one game shy of tying the franchise record of seven consecutive games with an error, set in May 2012.